If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking. James 1: 5 NLT 

Sometimes we move in the wrong direction and forget where we’re going. We worry what will happen next and need to be reminded who’s in charge of ALL things. God knows where we need to arrive. He guides our steps and provides wisdom to know WHERE to go… 

When life doesn’t make sense and worry lays on our shoulders, Jesus knows how to help. When we’re weighted in fear, He shares the burden of our loads. He invites us to follow Him, step toward the Father and remember WHY we don’t walk alone. 

He provides glimpses of good, so we know when we’re headed in the right direction. He navigates the steps we take and prepares us for the journey. He provides clarity; one step at a time and shows how to travel with TRUST. He provides courage to see what’s ahead and helps us remain faithful with HOPE…

God will open our hearts for His guiding. As we step in His greatness, He’ll make sure we’re headed in the right direction. His timing is not our own. He will ready us travel. Peace will come as we boldly step ahead and believe in the timing of His will.  

We must never underestimate what God has in store for our lives. He will always guide and provide. When we get where we’re going, He will reveal His will and show how far we have come. Everything will make sense when we begin to understand the power of His plan. He is God! He will ALWAYS take care of us and those we love. 

Dear God, thank you for showing us how to discover the power of Your greatness. Forgive us when we forget who plans our days. Thank you for preparing us to step ahead and leave worries behind. Help us recognize Your guiding and be patient as walk through the journey. Ready us to take giant strides, find strength in our steps and continue to trust in YOU every day of our lives! Thank you, Lord. You guide us greatly! We're so grateful for the power of Your mighty love. Amen


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