I will be your God throughout your lifetime— until your hair is white with age. I made you, and I will care for you. I will carry you along and save. Isaiah 46: 4 NLT 

Sometimes, we carry heaviness and feel weary. But God knows the worry of wonder. He knows when we’re feeling sad. He reminds us to TRUST in Him and learn to carry HOPE. He hears our prayers for mercy and knows how to lighten the load.  

There will always be things to carry. God will help us balance what He chooses us to hold. He will provide courage to walk in strength and navigate bumps in the road. He will ready us to witness the power of His plan and find PEACE as we follow Jesus.   

It won’t always be easy when things don’t go as planned. But God will guide us on a path toward wholeness. He will restore our souls and help us remember who IS handling our days. He will help us find thankfulness as we step in love and learn how it feels to be grateful.   

We mustn’t be weighed down by life’s unexpected twists in the road. Pray and remember who prepares us to travel! GOD will ALWAYS head us in the right direction when we step in FAITH and BELIEVE there will never be a day without Him. He WILL carry each one of US! His love for us is eternal. 

Dear God, thank you for Jesus and the HOPE we have because of His great love. When we’re weary and sad, lift us with arms of strength and ready us to step toward Your greatness. Thank you for giving us glimpses of good to remind to remind us WHY we’re not alone.  We will trust YOU all of our days. Thank you for knowing what we need to welcome the love of a grateful heart. Thank you for having a plan for our days and loving us through each moment. Today, let us walk in peace. Thank you, Lord for ALL You provide for us. Thank you for knowing what we need. Amen 


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