“May the LORD bless you and protect you. May the LORD smile on you and be gracious to you. May the LORD show you His favor and give you, His peace.” Numbers 6:24-26 NLT 

This morning I wake with gratitude! God has given me the precious opportunity to welcome another year of life! Sixty- four came quickly and truly I am blessed. God opened my eyes to this day of celebration with family and friends who I love.  

Thank you for joining me each day to celebrate God’s presence in our lives. He wakes us to embrace the moments we’re given to welcome Jesus and know Him as Lord of our lives.  

In these trying times we’ve learned to appreciate the time we’re given to love a little deeper and remember God has a plan for our days. He readies us to be used for His glory. I want to share my story...

When I was in my early twenties, my first husband died unexpectedly. On the evening of his death, I sat in the brokenness of grief and wrote a poem because I couldn’t sleep. The words flowed quickly and I felt the presence of calm. I truly believe the Holy Spirit blessed me with purpose to write… 

Oh, how I love spending early morning time with the Father and opening my heart for His. There’s a lot to soak in early in the morning... Sometimes, I forget what day it is (right, friends) or make a mistake that should have been noticed in editing. But I'm ALWAYS grateful for the words He inspires to lift each one of us. 

Life moves in so many directions! In the ups and downs and in-between GOD is with us; loving us through the brokenness of sad, rejoicing with us when we’re glad and opening our hearts to welcome what makes us feel grateful. He IS worthy of praise! 

God pens the pages of our lives and longs for us to remember there will be an ending chapter of reward. As the years pass, He wants us to be patient and TRUST His ability to bless us in mighty ways, no matter what…

Today, I will celebrate with my precious family and treasure moments of laughter and love. I will thank God for the seasons of life and appreciate how He has provided for me and those I love. 

God's timing is not our own… As we love Him with all of our hearts and embrace the moments we’re given, He speaks to us in special ways to ready us for His greatness. He reveals the power of His plan when we have been prepared to be used by Him. He loves us through weakness. 

God is worthy of praise. We should celebrate the miracle of aging and remember we are wonderfully made! Let’s thank Him for EVERY moment we have to share the love of Christ and let the light of His goodness shine on those He loves. He is faithful to us; ALWAYS… 

God, thank you for this day of celebration and the opportunity to be with those I love. Thank you for the ability to share what You place in my heart. Your words inspire my soul as I wake to new beginnings and find JOY in Your plan for me. Be with each one here as we meet to encourage and lift one another in Your peace. YOU are a mighty God! Thank you for knowing our hearts and loving us through every moment. Thank you for lives well lived and the time we have to honor YOU together. Thank you, Lord! Amen  


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