“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1

Sometimes we forget the power of God’s greatness. He longs for us to faithfully remember who sets the stage for what’s to come. He humbles our hearts for the Savior and wants us to know Him as Lord of our lives.  

As we open our eyes to witness compassion, Christ reminds us to TRUST in Him. He invites us to and walk on the path toward PEACE. He shows how it feels to be tethered by love and held by the love of His kindness.   

In times of uncertainty, we need to remember we’re not alone. God IS with us! He handles EVERY moment of our lives. When we’re lost in doubt, He pulls us back where we belong, so we will follow Jesus. 

God knows what we need to make us strong. He will help us persevere. FAITH will grow as we experience God’s faithfulness to us. We are held by the power of His LOVE! Rejoice and be glad! This is the day HE has made. Let us forever be faithful to Him. 

God, thank you for waking us in faithfulness. Forgive us when we forget to TRUST in the power of Your will. Arm us with everything we need to remember who’s in charge of ALL things. Help us find strength to cope with HOPE and welcome perfect PEACE. We will remain faithful and TRUST in You. Thank you for the power of Your love! It holds us together in mighty ways and we are grateful. Thank you, Lord!  Amen 


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