He will not let you fall; your Protector is always awake. Psalm 121:3 GNB

Our loving Protector watches over us. He longs to be known in our hearts. The power of His authority is mighty and good! He knows how to handle our days. God is our constant source of our strength.

Sometimes, we forget He wants us to be faithful. PEACE, STRENGTH, COMFORT and COURAGE come from the presence of His love. He knows the heart of our need and looks deep inside our souls. He reminds us to totally TRUST.     

God guides and provides. When we fall from the frailty of weakness, He lifts us back where we belong and gives us reasons to bravely hold on. As we cling to the promise of protection, we find shelter while we're cradled in His care.    

God WILL handle what happens today, tomorrow and in the future. And when life moves us where we don't belong, He will lift us with His arms of strength and return us to the safety of His love. He will find us where we are and place our feet on solid ground. He will remind us to bravely hold on. 

God will find the way to reach us. We must remember HE is HERE and never forget how to seek Him. He will help us find HOPE while we’re held in His holiness. There will never be a moment without the power of His LOVE. God will not let us fall. He is watching over us and those we love. 

Dear God, thank you for helping us when we stumble and fall. Give us strength to hold on tight when we face days that are difficult. Cradle us in care as we remain faithful to YOU and help us remember LOVE bears all things. Thank you for holding us through every season of our lives. Thank you for being our PROTECTOR and STRENGTH. We love YOU so very much! Amen


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