Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.” Psalm 27:14 NIV

Often, we have trouble waiting on God. We become impatient and forget who’s in control. We forget to TRUST in the timing of His will and need to be reminded who IS handling our lives. 

God helps us learn to be patient while we WAIT on Him. He knows how to grow our faith. He readies us to remember His timing is NOT our own and provides PEACE in His presence while we WAIT for what’s to come…    

Worry will cause us think God isn't working for good. But He is working; preparing us to understand the purpose of His plan. He will bless us in ways we never imagined as we put our HOPE in Him and BELIEVE He will take care of us.      

God WILL guide and provide. When the time is right, He will answer our prayers in mighty ways as we remain faithful. We must remember God WILL do what we cannot. He is GOD! He is deserving of praise, even when we have to wait for prayers to be answered. 

We must keep on praying. HE knows the longing of our hearts. “The secret to being patient is focusing on the HOPE not the doubt.” God knows EXACTLY what we need and He will always be faithful to us.  

Dear God, Thank you for Your presence! Fill us with PEACE, as we seek You with all of our hearts. Teach us to TRUST in YOU. Thank you for having plans for the future. Strengthen our hearts when we need to be patient. When the timing is right, we know You will show favor to us. You are worthy of PRAISE while we WAIT for the blessings to come. Thank you, Father! Amen


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