He said, “More than that, blessed are those who hear the word of God and keep it!” Luke 11: 28 NKJV

God prepares us to receive Him and recognize His guiding. He allows us to feel the power of His love. He helps us understand when He has spoken and creates moments to recognize His nudging in our hearts.     

Sometimes, we miss important opportunities to witness God's greatness. We become rushed when we pray and forget to be patient and still. But in quiet moments of purpose, God brings us back where we belong. He helps us remember who’s in charge of ALL things. 

God guides our thoughts. He speaks through the Bible, through others and through our circumstances. He speaks through the Holy Spirit and finds the way to help us understand. “Learning to listen for God’s quiet but clear answers is important. We need to cultivate a listening heart” and recognize HOW He communicates with us. 

God will reveal His will when He's ready. He will make His presence known. How will you choose to welcome the power of His strength? How will you honor Him and prepare your heart to receive? God is HERE and HE loves us! We must welcome Him with a humbled heart, offer prayers of our praise and embrace what He provides to remind us we are beautifully BLESSED. 

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for helping us recognize how to seek You and truly LISTEN. Surround us with Your presence so we will hear Your voice and know HOW to respond. We will TRUST You all of our days and never forget how lucky we are to be loved by YOU. Thank you for taking care of us as we remain faithful. Open our hearts to receive what You provide EVERY day of our lives. Thank you for Your love for us. Amen  


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