The Lord is near to all who call on Him, to all who call on him in truth. Psalm 145:18 NIV

LOVE nurtures a grateful heart. God is LOVE and He LOVES us. He is the Provider of everything we need to be beautifully blessed. He is faithful in His timing and has a plan for our days. 

Sometimes, life doesn’t go as expected and we find ourselves wondering how to endure. But God reveals His will in mighty ways and LOVES us through every season. He opens our hearts to find gratitude and learn how it feels to TRUST.    

He humbles our hearts for Christ. As we welcome the Christmas season and draw closer than before, we begin to recognize HE knows our hearts. He helps us experience the LOVE HE HAS FOR US and find PEACE in the calm of His presence.   

God humbles us as we experience what He chooses to provide. He holds us together and fills us with what we need to restore our lives.  He gives STRENGTH to help us cope with HOPE and reminds us who IS holding us together.   

God will help us consider what has already been done to bless our lives. He WILL help us welcome gratitude and give us reasons to be thankful, as we seek Him and open our eyes. 

Thanksgiving is so much more than a day to stuff our bellies. It is a precious opportunity to renew our souls and be reminded who takes care of us. GOD is HERE; preparing us to welcome a true spirit of thankfulness. He longs for us to be ready to receive.  

In the valleys He is with us. At the peak He shows how far we have come. God WILL head us in the right direction by the power of His LOVE. Surely, He will bless us with opportunities to develop a spirit of gratitude. Even when the journey is hard, God will continue to help us keep on going and reach an understanding of why HE will always take care of us.  

Dear God, thank you for Thanksgiving and the opportunity to give thanks for ALL you have done. Help us remember to begin our prayers in PRAISE, as we seek You and find purpose in what You provide. Help us appreciate the Christmas season and welcome the Christ Child who waits to be received. We will love you with ALL of our hearts and never forget the many reasons You have given us to be thankful in ALL things.  Amen 


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