“Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.” Luke 2: 14 NIV

Life moves quickly from one moment to the next. As Christmas approaches, we’re not always ready to embrace the arrival of a season that is meant to bring joy and good will toward men. We become overwhelmed and consumed with holiday routines that rob us of perfect peace. 

Advertisers challenge us to provide only the best for our families. They remind us Christmas is coming and try to convince us to HURRY to purchase our gifts. But what we really need are reminders to slow down, welcome Jesus and discover what happens when we call on Him with a humbled heart.   

God sent His Son to bring PEACE and HOPE for the future. The manger reminds us of the BEST GIFT of Christmas. It allows us to reflect on Christ and understand God’s will was fulfilled. Jesus longs for us to come as we are and be blessed as we journey together. He gives us opportunities to be filled with the beauty of His compassion and love. 

We have precious opportunities to embrace an attitude of gratitude for ALL He has done. No matter what we are going through, Jesus walks with us. He guides us to the Father and provides PEACE that passes all understanding as we share moments of JOY! He allows us to see what He sees in us; a heart in need of a Savior.   

Christ offers His love and longs for us to RECEIVE the gift of His greatness EVERY day of our lives. Oh, how lucky we are to be held by what we need to welcome gratitude. We can TRUST GOD to bless us in mighty ways as we welcome the glory of Christmas, share precious celebrations with those we love and TRUST in our mighty God who takes care of us and those we love.     

Dear God, thank you for blessing us with this wonderful season of opportunity to draw closer to you and experience the presence of  PEACE. As we open our hearts AND MAKE ROOM for Jesus, help us remember to simply slow down and feel His compassion and love. Thank you for JOY and HOPE that comes from surrender as we walk in the fullness of Your love. Thank you for helping us TRUST every day of our lives. Thank you for Christmas! It means so much to us.  Amen 


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