Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; Proverbs 3: 5 NIV

Hope came to heal when Jesus was sent by God to save. Christmas can be difficult for those who are facing illness, separation and disappointment of being alone. But God knows the heart of those who need to be reminded Jesus is HERE every day of our lives. He longs to be welcomed with joy. 

As we prepare to welcome Christmas, we mustn’t forget God knows our hearts. He wants us to receive His greatness and share the gift of His presence. He knows how to help us feel the power of His love. 

Consider the young woman, Mary who carried Jesus and trusted God’s will for her life. Oh, how we need to TRUST in God and understand who provides for us. We too can experience how it feels to have a living relationship with Christ if we choose to receive Him.   

Christmas is a season of opportunity to experience the heart of Jesus' compassion and love.

The One delivered in a stable not fit for a King, knows our struggles. The One who bled and died on the cross, knows our pain. And the One who came to save provides life forever; because of His sacrifice for each one of us. 

Let us welcome Jesus with appreciation as we witness the blessing of Christmas and are gratefully reminded God IS WITH US!

Oh, come, oh come Immanuel! Our hearts are ready to receive YOU. Thank you for what has already been done for each one of us. 

Dear God, help us seek You with humbled hearts of LOVE. We pray for peace to reach the brokenhearted and a healing for those who are ill. Comfort those who have experienced loss and bless them with precious memories. Help us remember what has already been done to bring HOPE, PEACE and JOY to each one of us. Fill us with the power of Your STRENGTH and guide us EVERY day of our lives. Thank you for helping us embrace the gift of a grateful heart. It is the perfect way to celebrate the birth of JESUS! Thank you, Lord! You are deserving of our faithful love. Amen


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