But put God’s kingdom first. Do what He wants you to do. Then all those things will also be given to you. Matthew 6:33 NIRV

GOD blesses the heart of our faithfulness. He readies us to recognize the power of His love. He covers us with grace and longs for us to see what happens when we simply choose to TRUST.     

GOD helps us develop a passion of purpose for what He chooses to provide. He gives us desire to be reminded WHY we need Him. He increases faith and allows confidence to grow as we gratefully endure.  

God answers prayers and provides clarity. As we seek Him with humbled hearts, He helps us surrender doubt and embrace an attitude of thankfulness for all He has done to bless us with Jesus. He helps us witness the compassion of His love.   

GOD wants us to pay attention when He tugs at our souls and asks us to follow Christ. He helps us experience what happens when we walk on the path of PEACE. 

In the time it takes to admit we're weak, God covers the sores of our souls and bandage wounds of worry. There will never be a moment without the presence of His strength. He will work hard to restore us as we open our hearts to receive. 

GOD will replace anxious thoughts with a better understanding of why we are valued and loved. He has the authority to help us recognize why we NEED Him. He will help us walk in truth and release dreaded doubt. He is GOD! He WILL handle our lives.   

GOD loves us! He sent His Son to share our burdens and help us cope with HOPE. Aren't we lucky to have a Father who knows what we need to step toward wholeness?  

He has a plan for our days! God will always take care of us and those we love. Even when circumstances change, He will find the way to remind us life is so much easier when we remain faithful and allow Him to guide and provide.  

Dear God, Thank you for Your presence. Open our eyes, so we will see glimpses of what’s ahead and recognize the power of Your authority. Help us trust in You and find strength to be patient as we grow. We will serve You with all of our hearts and faithfully remember who's in charge of our days. Thank you for the power of Your love! It blesses us in mighty ways! . Thank you, Lord. We are so grateful for YOU! Amen


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