He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless. Isiah 40:29 NLT

When fear tries to steal the joy we’ve known, Jesus comes closer. He knows what is missing in our lives. He brings PEACE in His presence and helps us discover why we need Him. He provides STRENGTH when we walk by His side. 

Jesus’ love is amazing! He opens our eyes in truth. He helps us see the sadness of pain and let go of what causes us to worry. He breaks chains of doubt so we will experience the freedom of walking in truth.      

We don’t have to pretend with Jesus or try and figure out everything on our own. He guides us to the Father and nurtures our love. He demonstrate what happens when we choose to follow Him and TRUST He will show us the way. He nurtures our faith so it will grow.   

We must stop trying to believe we’re perfect. God sees inside the layers of our hearts. He transforms us in beautiful ways. In the timing of His will, He handles each and every day. He reminds us we are valued and loved. 

“We can be grateful and sad at the same time.” God will hear our broken hallelujahs and cover us with mercy and grace. He is a good, good Father who knows what we need to remain faithful.  

He will meet us where we are and provide courage to recognize we need Him. We don’t have to hide in hurt. God will help us overcome. We will honor Him if we bravely surrender fear and choose to welcome a breakthrough. God will help us as we learn to TRUST, become more patient and endure. He will bless our efforts to do what needs to be done to welcome the JOY of Jesus. 

Dear God, thank you for reminding us we are worthy of Your love. Thank you for Jesus and His presence. Please remove what is holding us back from welcoming thoughts of good. Humble our hearts with willingness as we will welcome the gifts of Your greatness. Thank you for knowing our hearts. It gives us PEACE to remember we don't have to be perfect to be loved by You. Help us do what needs to be done to make changes in our lives, so we will breathe in the fullness of Christ and learn to love You even more. Thank you for how You guide and provide every day of our lives as we TRUST in You. Amen 


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