Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying. Romans 12:12 NLT 

God knows how to fill us with peace that passes all understanding. He humbles our hearts as we learn to TRUST in Him. He helps us find strength in His presence and recognize why we need Him.

In the ups and downs and in between, GOD IS WITH US! In weary times of wonder, GOD IS WITH US! In joyful moments of praise, GOD IS WITH US! And even when we cannot understand the power of His plan, He IS HERE, ready to HEAR our prayers. 

We were created to love the Lord with ALL of our hearts. But sometimes we forget to seek Him. God is deserving of so much more than what we choose to give. He longs to be our source of HOPE; the Provider of PEACE, the One who manages our days and the Giver of STRENGTH.

If we pray only in times of need, we will miss precious opportunities to embrace JOY and gratitude. God longs for us to seek Him EVERY DAY, lovingly PRAY and breathe in the fullness of His love. 

He will reveal His will when the timing is right. God’s mercies are new EACH and EVERY morning. As we commune with Him, we will witness the power of His love and remain connected. “We should establish ourselves in a sense of God’s presence, by continually conversing with Him.”

Dear God, thank you for what happens when we PRAY. Thank you for drawing us nearer as we welcome the gift of Your presence and offer the love of our PRAISE. Open our hearts for ALL You provide so we will remember there will never be a day without the goodness of Your love. Help us breathe in the fullness of GOOD as we share with You. Thank you, Lord! You are a good, good Father. Thank you for listening to each one of us. Humble our hearts so we will continue to feel Your nudging. Amen  


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