I prayed to the Lord, and he answered me. He freed me from all my fears.” Psalm 34: 4

When FAITH becomes bigger than fear, God allows us to recognize His strength. He arms us with what we need to let go of worry and experience the power of His love. He readies us to receive what He provides to help us remember He knows what we need. 

If we focus on the LOVE of His faithfulness instead of worrying about what’s to come, God will remind us who’s working for the good. He will help us examine our lives, focus on His presence and find comfort when we call on Him.     

As we surrender to God, He WILL help us find fulfillment and provide glimpses of good as we learn to TRUST and stop trying to figure out everything on our own. He WILL open our hearts for Jesus and helps us make room for HOPE.

We don’t have to be consumed by worry and doubt. God WILL remind us we are blessed. He WILL reward our faithfulness as we pray to be restored. We need the PEACE of Jesus EVERY moment of our lives. He WILL help us step in faith as we gratefully follow Him.  

Dear God, thank you for leading us. Thoughts become clearer when we TRUST in You and focus on Your guiding. Forgive us when we become fearful and doubt. Fill us with STRENGTH and give us courage to release the worry of wonder. We will remain faithful and welcome the JOY You place in our hearts. Thank you for the perfect PEACE of Jesus. We will love You all of our days and embrace the many blessings You provide. Thank you, Lord. Thank you for the power of Your love. It's what we need to breathe when we call on You. Amen


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