“I also tell you this: If two of you agree here on earth concerning anything you ask, my Father in heaven will do it for you. 20 For where two or three gather together as my followers,[a] I am there among them.” Matthew 18:19,20 NIV

Prayer is powerful! When tragedy strikes, it draws us closer to the One who diminishes our desire to figure out everything on our own. God covers us with everything we need as we sit in His refuge and pray for relief. He holds us together by the power of His love.

When we say, ‘’Our thoughts and prayers are with you” we know without a doubt God hears our prayers. HE is our mighty Healer! Those who TRUST His authority seek Him first and understand why prayer brings us where we belong when we need to seek wisdom and truth.

One nation under God is what we need! But many turn away from remembering HE is our constant source of strength; the Giver of life and Maker of EVERY living thing. He IS in charge of our days and has the ability to make the necessary changes to fix what is broken.

In the most recent shooting and devastating way God’s children were taken away, many are debating what needs to happen next to protect precious lives. Let’s pray and ask God to guide the thoughts of those who will make important decisions that will affect each one of us.

As we cry for the children, teachers and families who didn’t deserve to suffer, we must also focus on the healing of our souls and turn our eyes on Jesus. We were not created to handle trouble on our own. God’s arms of strength are ready to reach us when suffering We mustn’t make Him reach so far unless we’re down on our knees to PRAY. 

God WILL arm us with everything we need to be readied to rise and keep on going. When someone says, “I will pray” find comfort in that promise of protection! HE is HERE! God will give us direction. We must never forget His heart breaks from the tear’s tragedy creates. He will guide us to a place of wholeness. Prayer is our lifeline to God. Oh, how we need to draw closer to Him and BELIEVE He will hear us.

Dear God, thank you for being HERE when tragedy robs the strength of our souls and we need to talk to YOU. YOU are the mighty Healer who provides courage, strength and wisdom to handle the worry of our wonder. Help us turn from our selfish ways, pray for the needs of others and never forget YOU are the One who has the power to save. Your grace covers us in amazing ways! May we never forget YOU are in control. YOU will handle the happenings of our days as we TRUST in YOU. Thank you for the comfort You provide when we COPE with HOPE. Amen 


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