For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving. 1 Timothy 4:4 NIV

God touches us daily with gifts of His greatness. He is the ONE who supplies what we need. The Creator of EVERY living thing knows our hearts and is honored by the love of our faithfulness. He blesses us in many ways and longs for us to notice. 

Luck has nothing to do with the JOY God provides when good things happen. He rewards us in the timing of His will. When we’re ready to receive, God humbles hearts to recognize the blessing of His promise to take care of us and those we love. 

God LOVES us! Everything He gives should be welcomed with thanksgiving because EVERYTHING comes from God. We should treasure the goodness of His love and never forget HE is our blessing! GOD is deserving of praise and adoration EVERY day of our lives. Where would we be without His presence, or the love of a grateful heart?  

Dear God, thank you for ALL You provide. Forgive us when we forget to gratefully RECEIVE Your blessings and recognize they come from YOU. We will give YOU our praise and remember WHY we are so MORE than lucky to be blessed by Your greatness. Thank you for the power of Your love. It covers us in mighty ways and we are grateful! Help us remain faithful and honor YOU above all things. We love You so much. Thank you for knowing what we need to truly welcome JOY. Thank you for knowing our hearts. Amen


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