For God is at work within you, helping you want to obey him, and then helping you do what he wants. Philippians 2: 13 TLB

Christ longs for us to receive Him, but sometimes we forget how to welcome His PEACE. We try to handle life on our own and wonder WHY we stumble. We forget to follow Jesus and try to find fulfillment on our own.      

Sometimes, we get lost in ditches of doubt and forget how to pull ourselves from weakness. But when we pray in Jesus’ name, God makes us stronger. He protects us from Satan’s lies and arms us with everything we need to be lifted to higher ground.

God changes everything! He provides courage to do what needs to be done to battle anxieties. He takes care of us and those we love. He opens our eyes in truth and holds us together when we need to be reminded who rescues and saves.   

God orchestrates our lives. He places HOPE in our souls and fuels us with the power of His greatness. He sets the stage for what's to come and longs for us to TRUST He will bless us. The world will never offer what we need to honor Him. But LOVE will conquer fear when we’re humbled with good intentions.

God will give us courage to do what needs to be done to step closer to Him and let go of our need to have control. He will guide, provide and bless those who patiently wait to be rewarded by the miracle of surrender.

God will grow us in mighty ways and make us more aware of why we NEED His mercy and grace. We mustn’t be afraid of what holds us in the timing of His will. God will do what we cannot. Regardless of the circumstances we will face, He WILL ALWAYS take care of us and those we love.

Dear God, thank you for moments to be reminded who is working for GOOD. Forgive us when we neglect to humble our hearts and TRUST Your authority. We will welcome STRENGTH which comes from YOU when we’re anxious, weary and worn. Help us remember to begin each day with praise for ALL YOU will do to lead us in the right direction. We will remain faithful and continue to climb closer to You. Thank you for Your amazing love that covers us in so many ways. Amen


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