"Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall." Psalm 55:22

Fall is an amazing season. Leaves transform into beautiful gifts of color. God paints lovely designs and longs for us to notice the beauty of change. He prepares us to welcome His blessings and faithfully remember there’s a reason for every season of our lives. 

God blesses us in mighty ways and teaches valuable lessons. He nurtures our faith and opens our eyes to witness His timely rewards. He longs for us to embrace the gifts of His greatness and stand in AWE of how He provides for each one of us. 

Fall is here! As we wave ‘goodbye” to summer we should also say “hello” to autumn with desire to follow Jesus. He is the way to the Father. He carries burdens and tethers us to the heart of His love. He offers PEACE in His presence as we learn to totally TRUST.

God chooses when the gifts of His creation will be revealed. We must be patient and wait to be rewarded. He will be honored if we PRAY for content and BELIEVE we will find it. God knows what He’s doing from the moment we open our eyes. He is our constant Provider of hope. 

Let’s embrace the newness of this season with appreciation and love for our mighty GOD! The Creator of every living thing knows our hearts. As we think about change of the seasons, we should examine our lives and remember God is often working to make changes in us. 

He orchestrates each moment of our lives. God allows us to witness the beauty of transformation when we let go of doubt and surrender fear. It may not be easy, but God promises never fail! His faithfulness will endure forever! He is our strength when changes come. We can count on Him to bless us in beautiful ways. Let’s always be ready to say, “thank you” with humbled hearts of gratitude and always remain faithful to Him. 

Dear God, thank you! You prepare us for seasons of change and remind us to praise You for Your greatness. We’re so blessed to witness the beauty of transformation. Thank you for helping us examine our hearts and welcome the changes in us. May we always be mindful of who YOU are and TRUST in the power of Your strength. Thank you for this beautiful new season and the many ways You will help us witness moments of amazement! You humble our hearts with many reasons to be grateful! Thank you, Lord, Thank you! May the love of our praise carry gratitude ALL of our days. Amen


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