For we walk by faith, not by sight [living our lives in a manner consistent with our confident belief in God’s promises]—2 Corinthians 5:7 AMP

Steps propel us to move where we need to go and provide mental goals as we navigate our thoughts and keep going. They help us stay grounded in truth as we experience bumps in the road and learn to TRUST God’s promises.

They help us walk with Jesus and patiently follow. Steps move us closer to the Father and provide stability to walk where He wants us to go. They help us remain faithful. Even when we can't walk on our own, God nurtures our souls with "steps" to focus while we’re held in the heart of His LOVE. He humbles our hearts as we PRAY.

God prepares us for His blessings. Life is not a race to get ahead of others or be first at the finish line. The TRUST of those who remain on the path of righteousness will receive eternal reward, find PEACE in the presence of Christ and feel His compassion when the going is hard.

God WILL always guide and provide. He will lead us toward wholeness as we do what needs to be done to welcome His STRENGTH. God will help us learn to be receivers of everything we NEED to walk in truth and experience mercy and grace.

There WILL be valuable lessons to learn as we manage bumps in the road. God IS in control! He will bless our efforts to welcome His guiding and provide PEACE as we “step” in the right direction.  He will be honored when we patiently respond to the nudging of our souls.  

“Never be afraid to trust and unknown future to a known God.” He is HERE and HE loves us. God will help us walk in FAITH, no matter HOW He chooses for us for us to arrive. He is the One who will determine HOW we will achieve our goals and help us discover the  plan He has for the future. He is God! He knows what we NEED to welcome the blessing of a thankful heart.   

Dear God, thank you for the power of your faithful love. It moves us in so many ways. You hold us together by the power of Your strength and ready us to move when it’s time to go. Thank you for knowing what we need to step in the fullness of mercy and grace. Thank you for guiding us EVERY moment of our days. Thank you for peace that passes all understanding as we gratefully trust in You and “step” in the right direction. Amen 


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