For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving. 1 Timothy 4:4 NIV

God allows us to witness what is GOOD. But sometimes we forget to simply say, "thank you" for ALL He has done. We neglect to open our eyes for ALL He provides and need to be reminded of the power of His love. God has the authority to know what we need to be blessed. 

He longs for us to step in the STRENGTH of His holiness. The Maker of EVERY living thing wants us to find purpose in the plans He has for our days. When He tugs at our hearts to discover His timely rewards, we shouldn’t deny ourselves the opportunity to welcome His greatness.  

God LOVES us! In every situation He holds us together, removes our doubt and fills us with the fullness of His PEACE. As we begin to TRUST in Him, He reveals amazing things! We experience how it feels to humble our hearts and RECEIVE what He chooses to provide. 

We mustn’t doubt God's ability to help us find content. He is God! Every gift He gives us should be welcomed with thanksgiving! We must stop stepping away from the ONE who knows what we need to appreciate the life we have been given.  

God will help us see what needs to be noticed as we remember He’s deserving of our PRAISE! Let’s begin this day by embracing for the One who is deserving of so much more than mere morsels of our love. 

Dear God, thank you for ALL You provide. Forgive us when we forget to simply say, "thank you." Help us focus on the power of Your LOVE and find content from perfect PEACE. We will give YOU our PRAISE and treasure what happens when we choose to faithfully TRUST. Thank you for the beauty of Your LOVE. It covers us completely as we embrace gratitude. Thank you for everything You do to fill us with thankfulness. Thank you for helping us discover how it feels to be faithfully FULL. Thank you, amazing Lord! Thank you! Amen 


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