Give a lot of time and effort to prayer. Always be watchful and thankful. Colossians 4:2 NIRV 

God finds the way to reach us. He orchestrates the rhythm of our days and provides timely rewards. He humbles hearts for thanksgiving and is honored when we begin our prayers with “thank you for knowing our hearts.” 

Sometimes we forget we are blessed by His presence. We miss precious opportunities to be reminded GOD is the Provider of everything we NEED. We take for granted how He rewards us with PEACE and fills us with the power of His STRENGTH. 

God longs for us to RECEIVE the gifts of His greatness and know Him as Lord of our lives. He humbles our hearts for Jesus as we open our eyes and focus on Him. He gives us reasons to remember WHY we are valued and loved.

We mustn’t lose sight of what is GOOD, or forget to thank God for our blessings. We can TRUST Him to place gratitude in our hearts when we take time to pray and welcome the fullness of His LOVE.

As we step-in-faith, we should make a joyful noise and share our adoration! Taking time to PRAY will honor God with what He deserves; the time it takes to let Him know we are THANKFUL. 

Always be watchful and remember to pray. God longs to hear our PRAISE every day of our lives. Let’s consider the many reasons we have to be grateful and never forget to thank Him for His faithfulness to us.  

Dear God, thank you for the many ways You reward us each and every day! YOU are deserving of LOVE and PRAISE. We will TRUST You with ALL of our hearts and find reasons to say, "Thank you, Lord, thank you!" Help us welcome each day with gratitude and remember we are held by Your LOVE.  May we never take for granted ALL You have done to bless us. Help us embrace the PEACE of a grateful heart, find STRENGTH from Your faithfulness and never forget we are loved by YOU. Thank you for Your many blessings. Thank you for You amazing LOVE. Amen


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