“Oh Come, oh Come Emmanuel” are words we hear at Christmas. The lyrics remind us to focus on God's protection. They help us understand the power of His love and prepare our hearts to receive God's GIFT to the world.  

Jesus arrived in a filthy stable not fit for a King. Mary brought forth the Son of God in crude surroundings. In moments to welcome Christ, the world was forever changed! As we make room for the Savior, we should remember what He wants the most is our hearts.  

Emmanuel means GOD WITH US! No matter what we're going through, we need to reminded we’re not alone. God prepares us to receive the PEACE Of JESUS and surrender anxious thoughts. He opens our eyes for the gifts of His greatness and longs for us to receive what He provides.   

Life won't always be easy. We will be faced with worry and doubt. But JESUS will hold us together. He will cradle us in care and remind us He cares about everything that happens in our lives. He will give us reasons to keep stepping toward wholeness.    

God will be our guide as we humbly examine our lives. He will remind us of His promises as we follow Christ and walk where He wants us to go. He will help us remain faithful and endure. 

JESUS is deserving of a special place in our hearts. He will help us  recognize WHY we need Him. Let this be the season we pray to be restored and come as we are with PRAISE. We all need the Savior to remind us where HOPE is found and remember we are valued and loved.

Oh, come oh come, Emmanuel! Fuel us with everything we need to live in the fullness of YOU.   

Dear God, thank you for helping us feel the light of Jesus and be warmed by the goodness of Your ever-lasting LOVE. Oh, how we need to experience the presence of GOOD!  YOU are our constant source of strength. Thank you for helping us recognize the gifts of Your greatness as we take time to notice. Thank you for PEACE that nurtures JOY in our souls. Guide us as we continue to TRUST in YOU and make room for Jesus to dwell in our hearts. Amen 


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