Let the peace of heart that comes from Christ be always present in your hearts and lives, for this is your responsibility and privilege as members of His body. And always be thankful. Colossians 3: 15 TLB

Christmas can be challenging for those who are tired and worn. But God knows how to nurture a renewal of STRENGTH. He longs for us to TRUST in Him and welcome perfect PEACE. HOPE came to heal when Jesus was sent to save. He longs for us to call on Him and gratefully step in FAITH.  

We enjoy giving at Christmas, but sometimes forget we NEED to humble our hearts and RECEIVE. We should be ready to welcome Jesus and allow Him to fill us with everything we need to experience the fullness of His goodness and LOVE.   

He knows how to help us welcome Christmas with a willingness to come as we are and surrender the worry of wonder. He fuels us with His greatness, so we will recognize what happens when we choose to follow Him.

Jesus, precious Jesus opens our eyes to focus on what is good and breathe in the comfort of calm. He leads us closer to the Father and helps us discover HOW to surrender doubt. He nurtures our souls and reminds us why we celebrate Christmas. 

May the PEACE and Joy of Jesus fill us with everything we NEED and remain in our hearts forever. We will be gifted with His everlasting love, if we humble our hearts for His, remain tethered to His faithfulness and continue to remember HE is the best gift of Christmas. Christ is worthy of our praise EVERY day. He is HERE and He LOVES US! 

Dear God, thank you for moments to feel the presence of Your holiness. As we prepare to welcome Christmas, humble our hearts so we will feel the STRENGTH of Your LOVE and gratefully RECEIVE the Savior. We will welcome the glory of Christmas and breathe in the fullness of PEACE and JOY. Thank you for what has been given to each of us. Help us make room for Jesus and be readied to RECEIVE what is ours to treasure forever. Thank, you, Lord. Amen


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