To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…” Ecclesiastes 3:1

Winter weather can be dreary. Those who live in colder climates miss the sun, long for better days to come and often forget there's a reason for EVERY season of our lives. 

God is in charge of the weather and we are in charge of accepting what He provides. Blue-sky days warm us with gladness but days of gray often make us feel weary while we WAIT for the sun to shine.

God plans our days and rewards us with the goodness of His LOVE. He knows what we need to welcome PEACE while we WAIT to be rewarded. He helps us find STRENGTH in the power of His plan and longs for us to remember who IS working for GOOD.  

We mustn’t allow weather to determine how we embrace each and every day. God wakes us to TRUST in Him and be blessed by HIS presence. Through rain, wind, snow and impatience, He shelters us from the storms. GOD is our refuge! 

The sun will shine with greater reward if we patiently wait for gray to fade and remember each season has beauty of its own. God will reveal His will when the time is right. Until then, we must be patient and cope with HOPE. 

God will shine the light of His love; even on the darkest days of doubt and open our eyes for Jesus. If we focus on Him, we will be blessed by MORE than what weather provides. Jesus will guide us closer to the Father as we follow Him and allow ourselves to ALWAYS welcome the love of a grateful heart.  

Dear God, thank you for warming us with the light of Your love. Thank you for Jesus! Open our hearts for Your will, so we will find peace in the calm of Your presence. Help us be patient while we wait and faithfully endure. Give us strength to remember there’s a reason for EVERY season. We will love you with all of our hearts, find strength from the prayers of our praise and gratefully remember who's in charge of our days. Thank you for helping us find refuge in YOU when we need to be reminded, we are cradled in Your care. Thank you for carrying us through the storms. Amen 


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