You crown the year with your bounty, and your carts overflow with abundance. Psalm 65: 11 NIV

As we prepare to throw away old calendars, often we look at scribbled pages of the past. We flip from one month to the next reading notations, remembering the good and the bad. It stirs emotions to reflect on what we’ve lived and makes us question what will happen next.  

God knows the heart of our wonder. As we prepare for new beginnings, He helps us remember who handles our days. He arms us with everything we need to recognize the goodness of His LOVE and remember HOW it feels to be blessed.  

Often, we barely move through Christmas before we think about New Year’s resolutions. We rush in the timing of NOW; convinced change has to happen right away. We become weary in the worry of wonder, instead of walking slowly in the calm of FAITH.

The Bible says, “The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace.” God arms us with everything we need to feel His presence, gain wisdom as we breathe in His WORD, TRUST in Him and PRAISE Him all of our days. He grows a God-willed heart in those who surrender the burden of sin and choose to follow Jesus.    

He equips us to handle life and be readied for what happens next. The Bible says, “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. “Isaiah 43:18 NIV God knows how to prepare us to welcome JOY. He nurtures the heart of who are becoming and reminds us WHY we need the Savior. He fuels our faith, so we will find HOPE in His promise to take care of each one of us.  

Months will pass quickly. God WILL provide in the New Year ahead! He will cradle us in care EVERY day of our lives and help us welcome PEACE He provides when we pray in Jesus’ name. Let’s savor the moments we’re gifted by the PRESENT and learn to enjoy the WAIT. 

Good things will happen when we let go of dreaded doubt and WELCOME what God provides. HE is HERE and HE loves us! Let’s always be READY to begin our days with PRAISE and thank Him for helping us welcome gratitude. He knows the desire of our hearts. God will provide purpose for our days and use us in mighty ways. HE is a GOOD, GOOD FATHER. 

Dear God, thank you for preparing us for each new day. Forgive us when we allow fear to rob our JOY. Open our eyes and allow us to see glimpses of GOOD. Bless us with peace, joy, strength and a spirit to embrace MORE of You and less of us. Thank you for orchestrating our days. Help us remember “there are far better things ahead than any that we leave behind.” Thank you, Lord! Thank you for Your continued work in us. May we always be ready to fulfill Your will and grow in Your greatness. Amen 


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