How can it be 2023? I wake with aches of age but quickly find strength to climb from my warm, cozy bed and spend early morning time with God. How great it is to feel His nudging and know without a doubt, He has opened my eyes with purpose to welcome JOY and set the stage for what's to come. 

"Set the stage for what’s to come!” I use these words a lot. It's important to consider how life would be if we didn't welcome gratitude and feel God’s mercies EVERY day. He provides amazing GRACE; the foundation of everything we need to recognize why we NEED the goodness of His LOVE. 

As we move quickly from one moment to the next, there are choices to be made about living. We can grumble and stumble with complaint, or pray with praise before we choose to rise and thank God for strengthening our steps as we breathe in thanksgiving.    

God allows us to choose whether or not we will walk on the path of righteousness or become stuck in ditches of doubt. He longs for us to feel the power of His LOVE and hold it in our hearts forever. Before our feet hit the ground, He’s already armed us with everything we NEED to be reminded who handles our days!  

God longs for us to journey in the fullness of FAITH. We were created to LOVE Him with all of our hearts and accept the challenges we face, because HE IS WITH US! When we accept His invitation to follow Jesus and know Him as Lord of our lives, our burdens become lifted when we recognize we don’t have to carry them alone.

Beauty waits in the promise of heaven and the healing of the sores of our souls. As we embrace another new year, I pray we remember God IS working for the GOOD. If we welcome gratitude and relinquish the pain of sin, our lives will change forever! Praying before we rise will fuel us with everything we need to walk in truth. 

God knows what we need to open our eyes for His greatness! He will show us HOW to welcome JOY in 2023 and provide everything we need to accomplish what He calls us to do.     

“Be glad in the LORD and rejoice, you righteous; And shout for joy, all you upright in heart!” Psalm 32:11 “Joy isn’t a suggestion for believers. It is a command from God that is repeated time and again in the Bible." May we seek it with grace, RECEIVE it with love and never allow anything to rob our souls of the very thing we need to welcome PEACE. 

Let’s wake with purpose to serve Him with gladness as He nurtures the LOVE in our hearts. It will help strengthen our relationship with God and one another if we glorify Him with a grateful heart and never allow the aches and pains of living to steal our JOY.  

Happy New Year to each and every one of you! I pray the year ahead will bring blessings and calm, HOPE to make you strong, good health and a humbled heart of PRAISE. I pray for JOY to dwell where it belongs and for you to experience a living relationship with Jesus! May we know Him as Lord of our lives and witness the goodness of His LOVE. He is deserving of our faithful praise forever and ever!  ~ May God bless you in mighty ways. He is HERE and HE loves us. Your friend, Nan 


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