And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19 NLT 

As we pray for STRENGTH, Jesus helps us find PEACE when we TRUST in the promise of God’s faithfulness. He provides for our NEEDS and helps us find comfort for our souls.  

Jesus wants us to experience how it feels to sit in the calm of His presence, release worry and doubt and let go of what doesn’t deserve to be held in our hearts. 

He brings balance to our days as we breathe in the goodness of mercy and grace. He helps us draw closer to God and BELIEVE in the power of His authority to help us find content and overcome the worry of wonder. 

Contentment won’t come by adding to what we already have, but by subtracting from what we desire.” We must TRUST God to provide what we NEED to experience fulfillment in Christ and recognize what needs to be surrendered. 

God will help us welcome STRENGTH. He knows what we NEED to be restored. We’ll witness changes in our lives when we allow God to make changes in us.

There will always be days of challenge but God will grow our FAITH as we remain grounded in His Word, experience the JOY of Jesus and humble our hearts for the One who saves. 

In such a time as this, we WILL find content when we turn our eyes to the Savior instead of turning away. We don’t have to carry what isn’t ours to hold!  If we let go of what is robbing JOY, we WILL make room to occupy hopefulness. It is what we need to build a firm foundation of TRUST and truly welcome the LOVE of a grateful heart.  

Dear God, thank you for the faithful love of Christ. As we embrace the welcoming of spring, renew our souls with a willingness to turn our eyes on Jesus. Humble our hearts with gratitude as we cling to Your promises. Thank you for knowing what we NEED to find PEACE for our souls. Forgive us when we turn away and try to handle life on our own. Help us make room to occupy HOPE and the JOY of a grateful heart. Thank you, Lord. Amen


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