Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 107: 1 NLT

We are taught “there’s always a reason to be thankful”, but sometimes it’s hard to see glimpses of good. When life becomes difficult, we need to be reminded God provides what we need to welcome gratitude.  

“God sent His Son to die on a cross and raised Him from the dead. This means that we no longer need to fear sin or death. Instead, we can live with confidence knowing that God will take care of us.” 

Jesus helps us when things don’t go as planned and it’s hard to understand God’s purpose. He invites us to walk with Him, so we won’t have to navigate bumps in the road by ourselves. He helps carry burdens as we faithfully follow, nurtured by wisdom and truth. 

When PEACE has been absent far too long, doubt will fester in the layers of our souls. It will prevent us from recognizing God’s authority to do what needs to be done to guide us back where we belong. 

The Bible says, “Taste and see that the LORD is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him!” Psalm 34:8 NLT God gives us MORE than we deserve. He readies us to PRAISE Him and remember who skillfully provides. 

As we humble our hearts to witness the BLESSING of now, God will reach us in wonderful ways and HELP us welcome JOY. As we receive and believe in the goodness of His ways, we will understand HOW He sets the stage for what’s to come and find reasons to give Him our PRAISE.

God will take care of us and those we love. His LOVE WILL hold us together as we pray with FAITH and open our eyes for His timely rewards.  GOD IS HERE! Isn’t that reason enough to be thankful? Let’s PRAY in Jesus’ name and BELIEVE in what will be seen when we open our eyes with GRATITUDE. 

Dear God, thank you for Your love for us. You bless us in many ways! Help us recognize YOU are deserving of PRAISE every day of our lives. Thank you for what happens when we open our eyes to notice the gifts of Your greatness and gratefully take time to look.  Thank you for knowing our hearts and helping us feel the peace of Jesus. Amen



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