When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy. Psalm 94:19 NIV

Sometimes we experience moments that separate us from the struggles of life and we find ourselves in need of opportunities to breathe in the comfort of Christ. As we let go of fear, God reminds us He is HERE and readies us to welcome calm.  

When we sit in the worry of wonder and neglect to focus on Christ, distractions lead us far away from remembering to ask for help.  Satan likes it that way. He crushes the spirit of those who need to know they are valued and loved and tries to convince us to believe in his lies. 

We don’t have to hide in layers of doubt or carry what squelches  joy. God arms us with everything we need to fight battles! “Because of Jesus’ death and resurrection, the battle has already been won.” This gives us HOPE to cope and find SRTENGTH from the Holy Spirit as we learn how to TRUST when we’re feeling afraid.   

God gives us wisdom to know what to do to take care of ourselves and those we love. When we bravely pray and bathe in His word, He washes away misconceptions and gives us courage to remember who WILL guide and provides for our days. 

Living with anxiety won’t allow us to journey where God wants us to go or help us welcome what is missing. When we’re given opportunities to held by Christ, we shouldn’t make Him reach so far to lift us from ditches of doubt. Jesus will ready us to rise, lift us with arms of strength and hold us where we WILL witness glimpses of good. 

We must do what it takes and glorify God, even when it’s hard. He will help us believe in His promise to handle our days, as we bravely persevere. Every step we take to welcome STRENGTH will help us recognize God's blessings and hold gratitude in our hearts.  

God will reward us in amazing ways as we walk in FAITH and believe there will be better days to come. He will help us examine our lives and break chains of fear. God is HERE! Freedom will come from surrender. Then, in the timing of His will, He will show us how it feels to step in the fullness of Christ and be led toward wholeness.  

God has plans for a future that is good. He will provide the resources we need to help us overcome. He will hear cries for help and restore us. Everyone is worthy of healing, PEACE, and the abundance of JOY God provides when we open our eyes, focus on Christ and make the decision to walk in truth. 

 "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God." Philippians 4:6 

Dear God, humble our hearts with intention to release what needs to be gone as we pray for freedom from the worry of doubt and faithfully TRUST in You. We believe in the power of Your greatness to restore our lives and bandage sores of the soul. Thank you for what Jesus has done for each of us. Help us come as we are; weary and worn, tattered and torn and stop being distracted by lies. We will follow Christ and breathe in PEACE as we’re cradled in care and held by Your holiness. Thank you for knowing our hearts. Thank you for helping us recognize it’s okay to admit we are weak and in NEED of Your mercy and grace. Thank you for all You do to remind us why we are valued and loved. 


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