You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised. Hebrews 10:36

God watches over us and guides us along the way so we will recognize His instructions and be readied to serve Him. He brings purpose to our days and provides everything we need as we follow Jesus and share about the King of Kings.  

God gives us strength. He wants us to experience how it feels to LOVE Him with ALL of our hearts and love one another. He fills us with PEACE as we soak in His Word, cling to His promises and speak to those who will see HOW we embrace the light of Christ.   

God blesses us in mighty ways as we share praise and welcome gifts from the Holy Spirt. He strengthens our hearts with gratitude as we faithfully obey and complete the tasks we're given. "God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things" and equips us with tools to grow. He places joy in our souls to share what's already been given to us.   

As we prayerfully respond to God’s guiding, He leads us in the right direction as we pray in Jesus' name and help others learn what happens when we trust. God provides everything we need to find fulfillment as we make a difference in the lives of those who discover how to seek Him and love Him with all of their hearts.   

We must always be ready to use the gifts we're given and pray that every seed we plant will nurture reminders Jesus is the WAY to the Father. He will guide us where He wants us to go as we faithfully persevere with a willingness to serve Him with ALL of our hearts. 

God will help us share the gospel and help others discover the love of His mercy and grace ♥ We must never underestimate how God will use us as we walk worthy and do whatever it takes to glorify Him.   

Dear God, thank you for what happens when we stand in your presence and feel the power of Your goodness and strength. You humble our hearts with gratitude as we welcome the Holy Spirit to provide words, even before we speak. Thank you for JOY that comes when we fill our souls with everything we need to share it! You help us witness what happens when You guide, provide and use us in beautiful ways to humble the hearts of those who will recognize why we need You. We will trust in You and never stop sharing the Good News as we follow Jesus and walk in truth. Thank you for calling us worthy. You bless us in so many ways and we are grateful. Thank you for knowing our hearts. Amen 


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