Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. Psalm 27:14 NIV

God has a reason for EVERY season. He readies us for what will happen next. He reminds us to be patient while we WAIT on Him and draw closer to the heart of His love. 

Sometimes we move too fast and let worry create dreaded doubt. We forget God reveals His will when He’s ready. His timing is not our own. “God is never in a hurry, but is always on time!” He helps us welcome STRENGTH when we need to be reminded to be faithful.

Jesus leads us in the right direction as we follow Him. He blesses us with PEACE that passes all understanding and helps us remember to TRUST. He reminds us we don’t have to handle life alone and shows us amazing things when we take time to notice. 

It’s important to WAIT on God! He provides lessons along the way when we allow Him to grow us and PRAY for wisdom. He humbles our hearts as we persevere, soak in His Word and cling to His promises. 

God opens our eyes, helps us stop wasting time and allows us to clearly SEE what we mustn’t miss. Waiting IS a part of life! We need to slow down and savor what God provides to help us witness what is GOOD. 

We may be in a rush, but God is not! He will bless us in mighty ways. “Never be afraid to trust a known God to an unknown future.” He will help us welcome His rewards when He's ready to reveal the purpose of His plan. 

Until then, breathe in PEACE and welcome the release of frustration.  God will show us amazing things when we occupy hopefulness! It won’t matter how long we have to wait, if we follow Jesus, walk in the fullness of FAITH and believe in God’s promise to take care of us.

He is God! He is deserving of the time it takes to TRUST Him with ALL of our hearts and welcome gifts of His greatness with gratitude.♥

Dear God, thank you for the goodness of Your love.  Forgive us when we become impatient while we wait. Open our eyes for ALL YOU provide as You guide and provide. Help us trust in the timing of Your will as we faithfully hold gratitude. We will remember Your timing is better than our own and trust in You. Thank you for helping us remain faithful. Amen 


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