Praise him—He is your God, and you have seen with your own eyes the great and astounding things that He has done for you. Deuteronomy 10:21

God is honored when we thank Him for ALL He provides. He opens our eyes as we focus on WHY we are blessed. As we celebrate with PRAISE and welcome gratitude, we become aware of the many reasons we have to say, “thank you!“ 

As we share words of adoration, God draws us closer than before. He hears our hallelujah’s and prepares for more. He nurtures our souls to discover how He works for the GOOD and reminds us of the goodness of His love.

In tender moments of discovery, God helps us examine lives and recognize what inspires our souls for praise. He knows that we often waste time in the worry of wonder and forget to reflect on the blessings of NOW.  

God gives us many reasons to LOVE Him with ALL of our hearts. He is deserving of more than an occasional prayer to say “thank you.” As we stand in awe of our Creator, the Holy Spirit will help us witness how it feels to be held by holiness and lifted in knowing we are valued and loved. 

Every step we take to remain faithful will lead us closer to God’s timely rewards. HE IS WITH US every moment! God is deserving of so much more than forgetting WHY we ARE blessed! It’s time to celebrate what HE has done and gratefully find rest. Praise WILL give us access to God! Oh, how we need to gratefully RECEIVE and BELIEVE He will always take care of us and those we love.    

Dear God, thank you for Your presence. Forgive us when we forget who’s in charge of our days. You are deserving of praise! Help us have a better understanding of how You guide and provide, so we will CELEBRATE YOU every day of our lives and be thankful for the blessing of NOW. Thank you for knowing our hearts. Thank you for the goodness of Your faithful love. Amen


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