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“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. “Matthew 5:4 NIV Christ knows our hearts. He wraps strength around those who weep. In moments to draw us closer than before, He helps us find refuge and peace. He knows EVERY need and bandages our wounds. He helps us find comfort and calm. At some time in our lives, we will experience grief and feel the weight of human sadness. But Jesus will hold us close and help us discover how it feels to be held. He will comfort us while we’re cradled in care and help us remember why we're not alone. Jesus knows about suffering because He bled for us. When we consider what He endured, we begin to realize He knows how to hold us together. The One who was nailed to the cross didn't stay there forever! He died and rose again to prepare a place of us to live eternally when it’s time to go home. God sent Jesus to bring light to the darkness, hope for tomorrow and peace that passes all understanding. He gave us Jesus to teach about salvat

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