Common Threads

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I occasionally assist with visitations at two local funeral homes. Typically viewings are held there, but recently I was asked to meet at a church which was unfamiliar to me.

It was a beautiful building. Stained glass windows filled the room with vibrant colors. Candles flickered with fragrant smells of flowers, and I could feel the presence of God, as I quietly absorbed what was in front of me.

As I waited for co-workers to arrive, I spent time noticing the placement of objects in the sanctuary…items of traditional pieces which had special meaning to those who worshiped there.

A leader of the church told me about the spiritual significance of items which adorned the sanctuary and held historical relevance to each member.

As I met the wife of the deceased, I was drawn to her deep spirit of faith. She was an embracing, kind, loving woman. In her grief, she verbalized appreciation of everything we would do for her, in the evening we shared.

I observe a lot when I help families in time of crisis. That night I experienced many things which were unfamiliar, but I also experienced a very common thread… compassion for one another and a deep love for God.

I am reminded we may have different traditions, and rituals which have special meaning to our faith. But, that does not mean one spirit of faith in God is woven better than another.

God’s spirit of love for us is universal. He reaches out to all of his children who know him as Lord of their lives. God calls us to turn from sin and walk in faith with him. He wants us to love one another, care for one another and serve him with a heart of love.

Last night, I prayed with a woman of faith who was grieving for her husband. Tiny hands squeezed mine, as she allowed God to fill her heart with his presence of peace. Tears fell down her face as she looked up and smiled, knowing we had shared the love of Christ…

God works through us. He sometimes sends us to unfamiliar territory. But, when we open our hearts and embrace what God has provided for us to receive, we begin to understand.

God binds us together. He uses different colors to create beautiful patterns in the fabric of his love. Each thread has great purpose as it is sewn together. But, it’s up to us to contribute common threads of love, and allow God to weave them for his great purpose.

Let us learn to love one another.


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