Hope in the Layers of Love

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God sets the stage for each new season. Through long days of winter, He  prepares us to open our hearts and receive what is to come. He reminds us there is hope, as we learn to trust in Him and gratefully anticipate the reward of our faithfulness.

Spring has arrived… Winter gray has been replaced by magnificent color we have waited to enjoy. Green is becoming greener. The brown, weathered soil which carefully protected God’s treasures below, have set the stage to welcome new life. Blue Sky Days will once again allow us to share the sun, and hearts will be warmed as we remember what we have missed.

We often take for granted opportunities God gives us to come before His presence with eyes wide open. Sometimes we don’t take time to notice detail in the power of His plan. But, God allows us to fill ourselves in moments to recognize He can do all things. We learn to trust in Him and look for hope,  even when it is hidden under hardened layers of  weathered doubt.

God brings forth new life, and pulls us from our dreariness. He allows us to move ahead, after we have been reminded how far we have come. When we are prepared to be led by His greatness, He brings hope to the hearts of those who have persevered, and found their way past days of despair.

Hope fell on the hard ground, and waited patiently under God’s layers of purpose. The Bible says, To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven. (Ecclesiastes 3:1)  God needs time to help us understand we can find joy in Him, even if it is buried deep in the dusty layers of our hearts.

The flowers in my garden have laid in rest, while God prepared them to rise and show their purpose of reward. Their green stems have produced a yellow reminder of what is to come, and soon they will open with fullness, in their perfect place of bloom.

God lovingly tends His garden of life, and prepares us to bloom. He has chosen where we will be planted in His will, and promises to provide what we need to flourish in His grace.

God is the maker of every living thing. He nurtures our hearts, and fills us with desire to understand He is in control. As we grow with Him, He prepares us to bloom, but not until He has had a chance to open our hearts to receive His will. And, not until He has allowed us to discover what has carefully been hidden, by hope in the precious layers of His love.

God is near. He loves you.



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