Moments With God

God waits in the quiet of the hour. He carefully prepares our hearts to receive his perfect peace. When we enjoy moments in his loving presence, God reminds us he is in control. He fills us with everything we need to find rest.

God longs for us to commune through prayer, and speak to Him from our hearts. He needs time with us, and we need time to share with him.

When we invite time with God, he cradles us in his loving arms of strength, and carefully covers us in the blanket of his everlasting love. In quiet hour moments we begin to understand we are never alone.

Deuteronomy 4:7  The Lord our God is near us whenever we pray to Him.


  1. In quiet moments with my Father
    My heart is filled with peace;
    He speaks His words of comfort
    And makes my worries cease.

    - PA G

  2. What beautiful words to share...Thank you PAG. May God bless you and yours with a glorious Easter.


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