The Whole Cookie

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                   The Whole Cookie

I was preparing for Sunday School, when I discovered a Lesson Plan for a learning opportunity. It was designed to teach young children how we should love God, serve Him with a whole heart, and offer Him more than mere morsels of moments from our lives. It suggested using cookies at Snack Time, to teach an important lesson.

On Sunday, I greeted the children for class. There was a delicious plate of chocolate chip cookies waiting for them. Everyone was anxious for Snack Time to arrive. When we were ready to taste the delicious treats, I told the children they were only allowed to eat the crumbs. They were frustrated, and asked why I was not offering them a whole cookie.

We discussed how it felt to receive a little, when we wanted to enjoy so much more. I reminded them how God must feel, when we don’t give all we have, and offer Him only the smallest pieces of our hearts.

God knows how it feels to hunger for our love. He longs for us to give ourselves completely. But, sometimes we contribute only the crumbs, small fragments of time with Him. We forget He desires so much more…  .

God deserves more than what we offer, only when it’s convenient. He needs us to serve Him every day, every moment of our lives, with a heart of wholeness, as He lovingly allows us to be filled in the fullness of his love.

Five little children learned an important lesson that day…One little girl said it best…“God really does deserve the whole cookie.”


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