Bandaging Wounds of Despair...


There is a weary place in the hearts of those who have experienced pain. Wounds grow deep. Left untreated, they infect our lives. Sores which have not been allowed to heal, cause us to suffer. We look for opportunities to feel better and move past our pain.

In times of despair, some say wounds of the heart will never heal. Others believe they will never be happy again. But, God knows how to heal the sores of our hearts. He knows how to mend our brokenness. God is our great Healer.

We must learn to trust in the power of our mighty God. He knows our every need. God lovingly reaches out and covers our wounds with His mighty hands of strength. As we learn to trust in Him, we recognize how to move toward His loving presence of peace, and understand He can do what we cannot.

God wraps us in His arms. He fills our weary souls with content. As we faithfully trust in Him, God reminds us we cannot heal on our own. He lovingly bandages our wounds of despair, and shows us how it feels to once again be whole.

God is near and He loves YOU,



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