Four Little Words...

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Cancer is consuming. It quickly makes an appearance, and forever changes lives. My mother was sixty two when colon cancer invaded her body. She lived in Florida, far from the Midwest town where I reside. After her diagnosis, trips were planned so we could be together. Opportunities with her were precious and few.

On one visit with my mother, I discovered a book store in town. There were many books and gifts displayed throughout the store. I thanked God for the opportunity to read, but pages in the books could not take away my sadness.

I sat on a soft chair, reading for a long while. Sadly, in that hour of hope, I began to consider my mother would not survive. Tears fell, and my heart cried to God .The reality of her situation covered me in despair.
I noticed a shelf with many large plaques of inspirational quotes. Composing myself, I could clearly see each one. The messages were placed in front of me. They were colorful and bright, but much too bold to diminish my pain.

As tears returned again, I lowered my head and noticed a small gray stone which had fallen on the floor. “Love Bears All Things” was written plainly on the top. I knew God had placed it there for me, and I knew He had prepared my heart to find it. The message reminded me I was not alone.

No matter what we are going through, love can sustain us and give us strength. God loves us. In moments of despair, He opens our eyes to discover His presence. God may not use bright, colorful messages to draw us close, but He knows how to speak to our hearts, and prepare us to accept His will.

My mother died several days after Christmas that year. Our family gathered together as we prayed and asked God to lead her home. Four little words echoed in the heart of each one of us… “Love Bears All Things”.

God is near and He loves YOU,

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, you know our hearts. You hear us when we cry. You lovingly prepare us to recognize when You have spoken, and You open our hearts to receive Your will. Help us remember to trust in You, and seek your loving presence in every situation. Your love helps us bear all things…Amen


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