Finding a Grateful Heart

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God is the incredible spirit of strength that lives within us. He is the mighty force who fills us with His gifts of purpose and motivates us to move ahead. God demonstrates how to find joy in what He will provide, as He lovingly shows us how to serve Him with a grateful heart of praise.

How can we embrace a grateful heart of praise, if we don’t feel grateful? Many hope to find a place of peaceful content, but have not yet discovered how to climb from their despair.  

Despair robs the hearts of those who don’t deserve to suffer. Lives are surrounded by gnawing grips of pain, which don't allow opportunity to find perfect peace. Pain is the uninvited guest which makes its appearance, and lurks in the hearts of those who wish it had not arrived.

Our Father knows our every need. He sees each moment of suffering, and guides us to the place we can finally find relief. He reaches out to touch each one of His children, and reminds us to hold on tight.  God carries burdens of our lives which cannot be carried on their own. He guides us toward His perfect peace, as we learn to recognize He is in control.

God supplies the tools we need to help us learn how to manage our lives. He reminds us we are not alone, as we surrender our weakness, and strengthen our relationship with Him. He leads us toward His loving arms of strength and helps us recognize when we have been filled in His love.

Hope replaces despair as we begin to recognize God can do what we cannot. Surrounded by His perfect peace, hope replaces our weary souls of doubt and we begin to recognize how it feels to be grateful.

God has created us to do great things. He wants to move us ahead so we can discover how it feels to be guided toward His will with the reassurance of what is to come. Have you been looking for peace in your life? Are you ready to rid yourself of despair? Call on the One who can take the burdens of your heart and help you discover what you have been missing.  

When you have experienced how it feels to be content, ask God to guide you toward the place you will feel His loving presence of peace, and finally understand how to thank Him with a grateful heart of praise.

God is near and He loves YOU



  1. Sometimes I feel so alone, and I forget God is near. Thank you for reminding me of something I needed to remember today. I need to come closer to God and let him work in me.


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