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Mothers teach us many things. They help us grow and learn about the world around us, with a spirit of love and determination that only God could place in their hearts. I once experienced a mother bird teaching her baby to fly. It seemed impossible to consider it would eventually take flight. But, after much instruction, the tiny bird opened its wings and flew to the ground.

Mothers prepare us to move ahead, but not until they have readied us to leave the nest. From the time we are born, they work hard to teach us valuable lessons of life, which allow us to spread our wings and fly when we are ready.

I’m thankful for the many lessons of life my mother was able to teach me while I was young. They were simple offerings of encouragement and opportunities to view the world as it was, with ups and downs and in between dealings of life as we knew it.

My mother always told my sisters and I that the greatest gift of  life would come from loving others; being kind to one another and most of all, having a relationship with God. These are the lessons of life I have shared with my sons. They provide the compass which directs the path of their lives as well.

I will not be able to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mother. I can no longer hear her sweet voice on the phone, when I call my father to reminisce. But, I will be able to remember the lessons she taught me. And, I will honor her life, by the way I will choose to live mine.

Happy Mother’s Day! May God bless you as you remember your mothers with much love…

God is near, Nan


  1. Happy Mothers Day, Nan.
    And to all who are mothers, may God bring joy to your hearts in knowing that your love bears all things.

  2. Happy Mothers Day, Nan. May memories of your precious mother continue to encourage you as you follow God's leading in your life.
    God bless you and may His approving smile shine in your heart today and every day.
    PA G

  3. Good morning friends...May God bless you with a special day ahead. Happy Mother's Day. ♥

  4. I miss my mom, too; she's been gone so long. But I still work hard to live up to what she taught me. And my boys make me proud every day. Happy Mother's Day!

  5. Hello Kathryn, It's good to see you here!
    It is wonderful to be a mother of boys...Happy Mother's Day to you! I suppose we don't really realize how much we've learned from our mothers, until we have children of our own. God bless you and your family. I hope you have had a great day! ♥


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