Paths of Purpose

There is content in the heart of those who have learned to travel with God. We have abilities to move ahead, but God is the One who guides us where we will go. And, God is the only One who knows where we will arrive. We all want to know where we’re going, but first God needs for us to recognize we are being led.

God takes us from our ordinary lives, and creates passion within us to do extraordinary things. He readies us for His great purpose, and helps us discover there is reward while we wait. God reveals His will, when He has prepared our hearts to completely understand how to put our faith in Him, and recognize He is in control.

Those who trust in the Lord, understand it takes time to be led. It’s not easy to comprehend how God will choose to lead us. We often become impatient, and forget He knows the desires of our hearts. The Bible says, “ Show me Your ways, O Lord; teach me Your paths. Lead me in Your truth and teach me: for You are the God of my salvation; on You do I wait all day.” Psalm 25:4-5

God knows our every thought. He allows us to recognize His leading, and whispers. “I am near.”  God wants us to receive what we need to hear, and realize when He has spoken, “follow me.” When we trust in the Lord and surrender our lives to Him, something wonderful happens. We begin to understand what it means to be held in the arms of a Father who carries us to places we have never been.

God lovingly provides for our needs. He gives opportunity to strengthen our abilities, as He gently guides and prepares us to serve Him with a grateful heart. God carries us. He leads us to familiar places of content. 

Are you traveling with God, or are you trying to travel alone? Have you developed a heart of content, or are you still too worried how to get where you're going?

God wants to guide us in the right direction, but first we must faithfully allow Him to lead us on His path of purpose. He will help us find peace as we journey with Him, if we will only trust in the power of His great plan.

God is near



  1. I don’t want to go where God doesn’t lead;
    His loving purpose is all I need.
    I want the Lord to be my Guide;
    Safe in His arms, though tested and tried.
    PA G

  2. what lovely thoughts and such a nice way to express yourself. Thank you PAG! Have a good day ahead as you walk with God.

    1. Nan,you have a wonderful way with words....
      You are a Blessing my dear...Blessings Don.


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