Presence of Peace...


Life becomes hectic as we engage in daily routines. Sometimes demands of our schedules overwhelm us. We begin to realize we need time to rest and replenish our souls. But, sometimes opportunities for vacations are not available. We rely on  treasured memories of our past, to bring content to our weary souls. 

I have fond memories of family trips to the ocean which are borrowed from a place where rest and calm are stored. Those memories allow me to feel God’s peace, as I consider the mighty power of His creation and remember why I love my special place.

Perhaps we all have memories of special moments when God profoundly filled us with His peace, forever leaving content in our hearts. It’s comforting to return to those places of reflection,  and find peace in what we choose to remember.

It may be awhile before I return to the beach. For now, I will allow memories of where I have been, to guide me where I want to arrive. I will remember two beach chairs anchored in the sand, patiently waiting to be filled. And, I will imagine God himself calling me to sit and find rest, as I join Him in His presence of peace.

When we stop, reflect, and draw near to God,  He can replace our weariness and fill us with His mighty power of purpose. Side by side, we can sit in awe of His creation, no matter where He chooses to place our chairs.

Traveling will not lead us closer to God. He lovingly allows us to find peace in Him, as He leads us to the place where He can be found.  God is near and He loves YOU,

Scripture: Philippians 4:7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


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