Sandcastles of Strength

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It's fun to visit the beach and listen to the sound of the waves. Rushing water pulls us toward the warm sand. It's easy to become aware of God‘s awesome power, and witness the flowing strength of His mighty creation.

Young children love to create sand castles. They work for many hours constructing a foundation which hold the labors of their love. Unfortunately, they sometimes build where the tide arrives and destroys what they have worked hard to create.

Waves are a powerful force. They capture our undisturbed thoughts and carry us to places unknown. We cannot predict how hard the waves will crash and impact us. In one swift moment of time, life can forever change where we stand.

God reminds us to consider how we will choose to build our lives. He supplies what we need to create towers of strength which withstand the tides of time. But, we must be willing to allow Him to help us form a foundation we can build on. 

God will guide us. He will show us how to build our lives on solid ground. He will carry us toward the safety of His shore and help us ride out the mighty waves of worry, which will try to knock us down. God will help us rebuild the sandcastles of strength in our lives, if we will only trust in Him, and allow Him to show us how…

“Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the LORD.” – Psalm 31:24

God is near,


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