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Prayer is our fellowship with God. If we truly believe He is always with us, every moment of closeness with Him, will guide us toward a beautiful prayer of praise.

Often we forget God is always near. There are no limitations of when we are allowed to pray. God hears our prayers, and knows our requests even before we ask. Prayer is our expression of fellowship with God.

God responds to the prayers of those who call on Him. He waits for us to become available to receive what He will lovingly place in our hearts. As we prepare ourselves to come before His presence, we learn how to partner with Him and pray...

1. Prayer can begin by praising God for who he is… "Dear Heavenly Father, you are mighty, holy and true."

2. We don’t pray to please God, but God is pleased when we come before him with a grateful heart… "Thank you for this day you have created."

3. Prayer allows us to present our requests to Him…"Lord, fill my heart with your loving peace, and help me find rest in you".

4. Prayer allows us to ask for forgiveness…"Forgive me of my sin. Help me surrender those things which are causing me to doubt your holy presence in my life".

5. Prayer meets the needs of ourselves and others…"Lord, watch over me and strengthen me with your love. Guide me, as I find purpose in your will. Be with those who need to be reminded you are near, and fill them in your holiness. Amen"

As we spend quiet moments with God, he allows us to find reward in the gift of His loving presence. In the stillness of the hour, we express words which God has already heard. Through heartbeats of our love, God hears the expressions of words spoken, and recognizes the longings of our souls. He hears our prayers and reminds us He is near.

As we invite prayer time,  God responds with guidance, assurance, strength, and hope of what is to come. Only God can fill us with his perfect presence of peace.  

How will you prepare your heart to receive what God has chosen for you? How will you choose to come before His presence, and commune with him today? 

God is near and He loves YOU,



  1. Praise offered to God for being God and no other reason, is prayer's beginning point. That leads to a heart of thanksgiving. Only then can we talk to God about our needs.

  2. I agree with PA_G........but sometimes life's hardships take us by surprise and all we can say is "Lord, save me!" And He does because He knows our hearts without us saying a word.

  3. How very true," praise offered to God for being God is prayer's beginning point." What a good thought. And Tex, you are right. Sometimes hardships take us by surprise. Thank God He knows our hearts!


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