Worthy of His Love...

God created us. He knows our strengths and weakness. He sees  what we cannot see in ourselves, and He loves us. Only God can look deep into our hearts, and prepare us to be reminded we are worthy of His love.

I often talk with people who say they can’t understand why God loves them. They struggle with feelings of doubt, and question why God would choose them for His great purpose.

It’s hard to comprehend why God would love us. None of us are worthy of His love, but every one of us have been given His loving gift of grace. We’ve all had failures in our lives, and felt unworthy. But, God calls us to follow Him. He lovingly leads us toward His will, and provides opportunity for us to recognize why we are loved.

No matter where we have been, God invites us to come before His presence. He opens our hearts wide enough to receive His gentle guiding. He prepares us to understand why we need to follow Him.

Never underestimate the power of God. He can do great things! God has given us the ability to discover we are worthy of His love. We are lucky to have a Father who cares so much for his children. The Bible says, “He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.” Philippians 1:6  We are a work in progress. God is preparing us for great things!

God knows where we have been. He wants to lift us high, so we can see where we are going. If we allow Him to lead , God will use us for His glory. He will show us how to serve Him with a grateful heart of praise, and remind us why we are worthy to be led.

God is near and He loves YOU, 



  1. Sometimes I don't feel worthy of God's love. I think about my sin and often feel God will not be able to see my true heart. Thank you for the message of hope that reminds me I am loved...I needed to hear this today.


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