Fixing What is Broken...

It happened on Monday morning. I sat at my computer, settled in to enjoy a warm cup of coffee, and quickly realized there was no internet connection. After many attempts to resolve the issue, a technician was scheduled to repair the problem, and I had to wait several days to reconnect.

I’ve learned a lot about waiting, and have discovered I’m not very patient.  My selfish side appears and I become frustrated, anxious to return to my place of comfort. In moments of selfish reflection, it’s easy to forget there are others who also wait, perhaps for something of much greater importance to happen in their lives.

While I was without my computer, my house became cleaner. I read more books. I watched movies and looked forward to caring for plants and flowers in my yard. I made time to appreciate the beautiful days God had created and spent time seeking Him, as He prepared my heart to write.

God gives opportunities to find purpose in our days, even when our lives become disrupted, and we must deal with challenge and change.  He often shifts gears, and places us in moments to reflect on our attitudes of routine. And, He makes adjustments in our hearts, as He reminds us what waits to be discovered, while we wait.

God prepares us to be patient. He replaces our weariness with His perfect peace, and teaches us how to cope. "And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:7 NIV  He helps us learn how to accept situations which  inevitably arise, and comforts us as we recognize there is benefit in trusting Him.

While we wait, God fills us with everything we need. As we come before His presence, He provides wisdom, and gives opportunity for us to choose how we will find hope, patience and peace in His loving arms of strength.

Technicians can fix problems with computers, but God is the only One who can fix the lives of those who recognize when they are broken. In difficult moments of repair, God can show us what needs attention in our lives, and help us understand He can do what we cannot.

We will never have to wait several days to reconnect with God. He is closer than we think. He longs to bring peace to your heart today. He is near, and He loves YOU…



  1. Ahhh, yes, the waiting game! No one likes to play it...... :)-<
    But, like you say, it gives us time to hear God speaking and be more prepared to move ahead according to His good purposes for us.
    Thank you for your words. God bless you and your family.

  2. Hello PA_G Thanks for taking time to comment.Yes, sometimes we must take time to hear God speak to us. It's easy to feel frustrated. But, God is in charge of the big picture. I'm so grateful He knows we are worthy of His love.


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