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Psalms 77:14 You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the peoples. (NIV)

It often takes time to understand how God answers prayer. He lovingly prepares our hearts to receive His miracles. And in moments which forever change us, He helps us recognize there is purpose in His plan.

A baby girl named Abby came into the world, and her parents were told she would not survive. She was born with multiple developmental delays and significant medical complications. But, God had a plan for Abby. She lived for eighteen years and fulfilled the great purpose God had for her life.

Abby’s life was filled with a spirit of love. Each year brought special celebrations and thanks to God for her loving gift of life. She touched the hearts of others and helped them recognize laughter and smiles are the magnificent moments of miracles, which are meant to be shared.

One year, Abby’s sister Emma, was diagnosed with stage four cancer. There was no hope of a promising diagnosis. We prayed, and asked God to heal her body of the cancer which threatened her life. We prayed for a miracle.

God heard the prayers of our hearts. Her medical team later concluded they had made a mistake in her initial diagnosis. They were certain she had a form of Leukemia, which was treatable with chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. Only God could have known her big sister, Abby would be the only compatible match to save her life!  

God opens our eyes to His miracles, and allows us to see the mighty power of His love. Sometimes He blesses us in small, subtle ways which allow us to feel His presence through simple interactions of our lives. But, sometimes we become aware of bigger opportunities to recognize the mighty power of His plan.

Abby's sister has been cancer free for several years. She is an active, loving girl who shares a message of hope with a world that needs to be reminded there are many miracles yet to come…

God is in control. He has a plan for our lives. He gives new life to those who trust in Him, and faithfully believe He can do all things. Are you waiting for a miracle? Continue to pray God will lead you in His will, and trust He will prepare your heart to recognize when He has done great things.

God is near and He loves YOU.



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