God Provides Pictures, Images and Photos

God blesses us with provisions. They are precious miracles of purpose from His Almighty hands of love.

 Our Heavenly Father allows us to feel His presence through the midst of ALL we experience in our lives. He skillfully offers us opportunities to know Him as Our God who can do all things.

"The activity of supplying or providing something is a provision". Often, God opens our eyes to understand how His provisions can allow others to experience His greatness.

Recently, the grandmother of one of my students died. She had surgery and complications which followed. When her heart stopped, CPR was performed. They prepared to call her time of her death, only to discover her heart was still beating! She was able to immediately speak on the phone to a daughter who lived out of town, and then with a daughter who was at her side. They spoke about letting go. Then, she took her last breath, and died.

A co-worker’s son was in a car accident on the interstate near a very small town. His car was totaled. He was scared, cold and alone, with no one around for miles. A woman appeared, gave him a blanket and used her cell phone to help him call his parents. When he turned to thank her, she was gone.

God blessed each of those situations. Who could explain why a mother would be revived to share a last conversation with her daughters, or comprehend how a woman could appear from no where and offer help to a frightened teenager?

Often we realize we can’t,  and forget God can!  He provides for our needs. He is a loving Father who wants to make us aware He is here, in the midst of good and bad.

Take a moment and consider God’s provisions for your life. He wants you to understand He will take care of you. And, as you begin to embrace His steadfast love, you may just realize He already has…

God is near,


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