Strength From the Memories

Precious memories are often provided by God to move us ahead, in His time and for His great purpose. They sometimes surface in our lives when we need to be reminded where to find strength and comfort in our situations.

I often work visitations at local funeral homes where I reside. Sadly, I recently observed a young couple who grieved for their two year old son. The parents were devastated as they viewed their little boy and spent time coping with their pain. Many prayers were offered in their behalf, as we quietly asked God to bring peace to the hearts of those who were brokenhearted.

After many moments of despair, friends and family began to arrive. Co-workers surrounded the father and gently listened while he expressed his deep grief and cried on the shoulders of many. He later relayed stories about his child and shared memories which were precious to him. He calmed as he spoke with those who helped him find a place of peace.

God brings peace to those who suffer. The Bible says, “ He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Psalm 147:3 Only God knows where to lay the bandage of His love. He carefully covers our wounds, so we can feel His mighty strength and begin to understand how He tenderly heals our hearts.

The gathering was difficult, but there were many opportunities for family to draw strength from one another. At the end of the evening, the parents lovingly said goodbye and placed a picture of themselves in the hands of their little angel. They exchanged words of comfort and quietly walked through the doors which had been so hard for them to enter. And, they spoke about the opportunity to have shared memories of their little boy.

Precious memories can move us past the pain, when God has prepared our hearts to remember. He often surrounds us with those who know how to lift us from our despair. God opens our hearts wide enough to make room for memories to surface when He is ready. Then, He gently removes the sadness which is not allowed to linger, and brings peace to the hearts of those who have found comfort in His grace.

God’s love for us is endless. He sees each tear that falls and understands our pain. God leads us through our suffering. He strengthens us through the prayers of many and prepares us to recognize His mighty gift of strength.

Even in the worst of circumstances, God is near and He loves YOU.



  1. Yesterday in church something was said about baseball and for some reason I thought of my Dad, who has been gone for several years. It made me smile to think of him and how much he loved playing baseball. He was an "expert" in enjoying the simple things in life......a life that was not necessarily easy for him.
    Thank you for posting this.

  2. Hello Tex, Your father must have been very special to you. It's wonderful how memories can remind us of special times in our lives. God bless you as you walk with Him. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Sometimes, things we remember bring smiles but mixed with sadness. Sometimes what we remember brings regret and perhaps even feelings of guilt. Other times, all we know is inexpressible joy.
    God knows.

  4. Yes, God grateful we become as we faithfully trust He will help us deal with our feelings, no matter what the memories bring. God bless you Anonymous.

  5. We hope you are having a nice time with your family on your vacation. But your writings of encouragement are missed here.
    God bless you and your family.


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